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3 ways to find your vision and master the art of empowering yourself

So many people walk around in life with no purpose or vision for themselves.  In Proverbs 29:18 the Bible says that ‘Where there is no vision the people perish’.  I found this to be something that can be very true because of my own experience and losing vision for some time while losing hope at the same time.  Finding your vision is imperative in life and sometimes it is bigger than you first thought.  In life make sure you go deep inside and find your true calling because that is where life works, and all challenges seem surmountable.  With these 3 ways to find your vision and master the art of empowering yourself you will be able to at least start on the journey of living your inspired destiny:

  1. Finding your vision comes with deep inner searching.

    Sometimes it is much easier than that for some.  I always say that you deep down know what you are on this earth to do, while some need some assistance to be able to find those visions.  It can take much prayer and meditation and sometimes unfortunately adversity.  You will see the way the world has become where many people find their vision and purpose through their adversity and are making waves and change in the world because of it.  What have you endured that has you know deep inside your inner most wants and desires that forms the vision you may have sometimes?  How can you use your education, life experience or adversity to help people?

  2. Be certain about your vision with unwavering commitment.

    If you lose vision, you most likely are not a happy person or struggle trying to force yourself to do things that just are not who you innately are. So many people fear judgement and condemnation for going out and fulfilling on their visions when the greatest rewards come with following them and making them a reality.  Be sure to stay true to your deep inner visions and knowing of what you are meant to be doing on this earth.  I happen to know that most often for women this includes health, relationships and career while the form this takes is up to you to find and know so you can empower yourself with unwavering commitment.

  3. Know that empowerment is in all values systems.

    So many women think that being in the boardroom and a CEO is the only way to be empowered or seem that way. Empowerment to me is in all values systems and that includes religious beliefs and those who may want to be a stay-at-home mother, partner, who want to work as well, want to be a business owner or all of the above including their health.  Empowerment is something that is about living your calling, not what external pressures and expectations of others or false beliefs about yourself say.  You might be the CEO who is called to motherhood or you might be the mother called to the CEO position and either way it is just perfect where you are but know that you must make changes in your life to live and fulfil your true calling and vision.