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3 ways to empower yourself to achieve your calling

When it comes to your calling you must first know what that is.  That is the first step to achieving your calling. So many people think you need to sit on top of a mountain and meditate for half of your life to find the inner most messages to find their purpose in life but you can find it right now, right where you are.  Don’t fall for the trap of giving up everything to go and find something outside yourself when all you need is within you right now and achieving your calling comes with the following 3 steps:

  1. Know what you want and go for it.

    So often you know what you want more than you might think you do because you may be comparing yourself to others or keeping up with social expectations and judgements.  Deep inside you there is a gift and calling that is waiting to be expressed so dig deep, find it where you are at now if that is the way you are meant to and go for it with rigorous and unwavering certainty. When you find your calling, it’s a process to get clear on how to actualise the visions you see and the whispers of messages you hear but in that just know that each step is a learning experience and way to grow.

  2. Rise up in your calling with unwavering certainty.

    Not path to success was ever always easy but deep in your soul there is always a sense of peace and ease when you know you are on track.   Rise up inside of your true calling and visions to be the best you can be.  When you have unwavering certainty, you know that you can conquer any obstacle or challenge while your results come from a place of power and sustainability for the success you know you deserve.

  3. Aim for the moon and reach a few stars.

    Set your standards and your vision high.  Now that doesn’t mean for everyone that you are called to change the world, maybe you are called to motherhood, career and health in a way that suits your values and that is enough.  Others are called to bigger things and that is what their true purpose is so be alright with whichever is your path.  The thing is, to one person one thing is big and to another it is small so set your own set of standards about what your vision truly is and go for it stretching yourself to be able to succeed in ways you always dreamed of.  Stretching might be doing an extra gym class or it could be advising world leaders, whichever path you are born to live you must go for it and do what you can to actualise those dreams.