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To be a mother or not to be a mother?

There is so much pressure in the world of today to settle and have children and of course,  having them can be a wonderful thing.  The thing to consider is whether you are called to having them and if you are ready for them or are you finding yourself giving in to external pressure?  And what about the judgement of whether you or not you do have them?  In this article, you will discover 3 ways to help you be alright with your decision and know that you are right on track where you are right now:

  1. If you don’t want them, be alright with that.

    I always wanted children but because of circumstances out of my control, I have never been able to have them.  Women like me face great pressure and judgement for our decisions or circumstances and things must change in this department.  Be alright if you can’t have children (never give up if you do want them) and be just fine with your decision not have them if that is what you are deciding and choosing for your life.  Whichever path you take, it should be socially accepted and not judged so be sure to not place that type of pressure on yourself and make sure you are completely fine with your choice and decisions.

  2. If you want them, give up the confusion and do something about it.

    So many women fear relationships or motherhood and that is something you must deal with if you are wanting children at some stage.  My older self would say to my younger self to seek your soul mate from a young age and don’t settle, while making sure find a career that suits your choice to have children if you are called to one and ensure you take action toward your dreams because time is of the essence and you must be sure before you do it, while also knowing that your deep inner knowing will make you a much better mother because you made the conscious and spiritual choice to do so.

  3. Own your choices and forgive yourself if you feel off track.

    If you feel you are not on track whether that be as a mother or not a mother, you must own your choices and forgive all that led you to the position you are in.  I won’t tell you whether to be a mother or not, but what I will say is that you must go deep inside, know your calling and get busy doing it now before it is too late or if you aren’t called to children keep going at your calling because you are most likely mothering anyway or headed for a mothering role somewhere in your life right now.