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3 ways to overcome guilt and shame being a working mother

Many women struggle with being working mums and they may find that there is guilt associated with working.  In this day and age, often there is no choice but to work so why not find the things that bring you joy and cause you to feel you are on track living your destiny.  I know it can be difficult to embrace the fact that sometimes you have to do things that are hard, especially leaving your children to work but know that guilt and shame over it is not worth it.  The following 3 things may assist you to overcome the feelings of guilt and shame when being a working mum:

  1. Balance your life so you can do all you want to do.

    In life, there is this so called miracle state people speak of that is called ‘balance’.  It is that thing that most people strive to find in their lives, especially working mums.  The thing is, you must know your own true core values and what you are called to do so when you partake in your career and things outside being a mother, you don’t feel the guilt and shame some women feel for taking their attention off being a mother for a little while.  You can find your own version of balance that matches your calling and go about living your life with a sense of certainty that what you are doing is the right thing for you and your family.

  2. Know your worth outside of being a mother, working woman, partner and healthy.

    When you know your worth, you are less likely to feel guilt or shame over the things you choose to do which most often are for the purpose of your family anyway.  It can be wise to connect in your mind your reason for working to your family while also connecting it to your greater purpose that is more than anything tangible.  When you feel worthy, this filters into your relationships, health, career and children and makes you happier and more joyful.

  3. Take time out for yourself.

    It is not selfish to take time out for yourself.  I know that so many mothers feel guilty for taking time out.  The thing about taking time out is you are better able to be full and overflowing for your family and career and if you don’t feel guilt or shame over it, you will enjoy it much more.  As a career woman, you are still a family woman and to give more to your family you must first give to yourself.  Self sacrificing can be glorified when it can lead to burnout so make sure you take time out for yourself and feel good about it.