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The sisterhood and the global uprising

There is a global sisterhood forming and rising up at present and in knowing this the sisterhood must not discount the good side of the brotherhood while understanding that women connecting is very powerful.  As the global sisterhood is rising so is the way of life that most women are seeking and that is to be included.  There are many clicks and groups of women that are not so inclusive while the time has come where all have something to band together on and it’s not to be against men as most men are amazing, it is to be for the cause of women’s rights which are human rights.  It is to be part of something that is greater than you that is for one vision and that vision includes men and women co-habitating as equals.  These insights will assist you to be part of the sisterhood and to rise up working together for a cause greater than one person and for all people and ultimate equality:

  1. Be idealistic and you will aim for the moon while at least reaching some stars.

    So many people think a big vision might be delusional but when you have a vision, you give it at least a chance of manifesting and often because you have it, a chance of actualising. Holding a vision for women and men getting along is one thing while women getting along with all women is another thing.  The sisterhood is something that must be forged in this world and not as mentioned against men or other women but for a common goal and vision that is about peace and love for all people.  God wants all to get along and for women to congregate and to know that it’s alright to be different but also it is alright to help one another to be able to create lasting change on the planet.

  2. Walk alongside your sisters and focus on community with men and women.

    Women are meant to be living life in community as all people are. The thing is that men and women can be different and to want to be a part of the sisterhood that doesn’t make you a man hater or against the opposite gender at all, it makes you want to connect with like-minded people who share similar values who you can learn from.  When you walk alongside your sisterhood and chosen group of women, you get to know more of who you are and make sure you don’t join groups that are cult like against men or other women but join groups that rise each other up, embrace all values systems and hold each other in high regard for the sisterhood you truly are.

  3. Overcome competitiveness for a life without rival.

    Hold faith that you can overcome rivalry. Rivalry can be the enemy trying to take out the sisterhood as many women compete against each other.  With an abundant attitude you get to know that the sisterhood are there for you and the global sisterhood is the uprising of women who are causing change on the planet and making way for women while not doing it against men but with them.  When you embrace the inner rival, you are better able to forge abundant and lasting connections that are about love of all people and all things to find peace in a battle that has been waging for a long time that is under reported – the issues between women.  Just know that with faith and belief you are able to overcome any rivalry and stop being competitive with other women and start winning because you find your own true destiny, are part of the sisterhood and uprising while making sure you live for something greater than you while reaching as many stars as you possibly can

    Philippians 2:3-4 “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”