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Human rights include the basic rights of all people

Many people think that human rights are just about women’s rights or torture, atrocities and inhumane crimes against humanity when they are working to stop all of these things and more.  Basic human rights are the right to food, shelter, water, education and freedom.  It is the right to freedom of speech and to be able to live your true calling and destiny in life.  In saying this, you can see there are far more violations of human rights in this world than you may have first thought, while I encourage you understand that human rights come in many differing forms and there are political, economic, cultural, social and an endless list of rights that we must stand up for, however always remember the basics and that there are people starving, dying from dehydration and who have nowhere to live while they are banned from or destroyed for wanting education and they live a life of constraints rather than freedom.  These insights will help you to be able to do more about the violations of basic human rights and to understand that every little act of kindness counts:

  1. You can do something and every little act of kindness counts.

    Many people don’t do anything because they think they can’t do enough. They may simply think that one dollar or a few dollars won’t do a lot but if 1000 people do one small act of kindness and donate or provide their time to help those who are suffering the violation of their basic human rights, then that equates to a lot of funds and energy when it comes to being able to do something about things.  It is like the environment; it may be difficult to do everything that is green and ecological, but all must do what they can as every little change counts toward the future of the planet.  When it comes to doing something, what are you like?  Do you think your input and contribution may not make a difference, so you don’t do anything, or do you understand that your time or $5 or $10 or more dollars is impacting the lives of people whose basic human rights have been violated or they do not have what they need to survive in this world?

  2. The lucky must bless those who are less fortunate to make sustainable change.

    There are so many people on this planet who are very lucky and blessed when it comes to having their basic human rights met and many have an abundance of resources including money, time and energy that they could contribute toward those whose basic rights are not being met. When you put things into context, the developed world is facing a crisis also that may not be as publicised or often quite as serious as the developing nations, but it is still serious.  Most regions of the world have a demographic who need blessing from the abundance of resources that many people have.  Every little action counts and when you are able to help others rise up, you are blessed with more rising up yourself.

  3. Hold faith in humanity to turn around any damage that has been done.

    Some nations implode, and they destroy many generations of hard work to develop. Many nations are thriving while they often don’t see that the basic human rights of their own people are often not being met and the same is occurring in other nations that are war torn and often destroyed through inhumane acts.  Some countries are trying to ban the modern and developed way of life, particularly for women and in saying that, it will take great faith to be able to rise up in the world and to transform a world that has created the challenges where they can be re-created.  Faith followed by right actions is where much change can occur and as women rise up from the depths of darkness and oppression, so will the economies and the way of life that God intends for His people.  All people have the right to food, shelter, water, education and freedom.  All people can include the man or woman you walk by in the street or the starving child in the developing world.  With your faith and action, you can make a difference with the smallest or largest contribution to humanity as every little action counts

    Proverbs 31:20 “She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.”