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How would you like to connect with yourself, your soulmate, find a sense of true health and vitality, be inspired to create true wealth and find a deep sense of gratitude? Inside these books you will find inspiring passages to help you to create the life of your dreams and live your true destiny.

If you are feeling down, blue or simply want some inspiration you can find inside these books passages to assist you to become inspired in your day and your life. Each page is specifically written to bless you with words to assist you in finding your way in life and to ignite your inner visions for you to live a great life.

Do you wonder what it is like to believe in God and the Angels?  Maybe you have wondered if there truly is a God or if Angels are real.  These words are derived from Anna Maria’s divine intervention (near death experience) and God and Angels speaking to her in ways that are profound and life altering. God intervened and together with the Angels she imparts upon you ancient wisdom in a modern way.

These books are wonderful for carrying with you for some daily inspiration, to keep on your bedside or as a gift for a loved one to brighten their day. Remember to add your Gratitude Journal to your order to find gratitude for your journey. Follow the links to the books at this site to purchase your very own copy or your copy for someone else while ensuring you have a very blessed day and receive the gift of love and being touched by an Angel.

Anna Maria