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Angelic Guidance

“Turn your wounds into wings”

You are destined for great things and you are meant to be living your life according to your own deep visions under the guidance of God and the Angels.  I am not here to tell you what you should do, but more to show you the way to find inside you the gift of visions and love so that you can find your own way.

I know first hand that life can be hard and as a result of the near death experience and divine intervention I endured, these books were born to help to guide you in your life and your way, the way that I needed at that time and still need at times.  I know that these books can help you to turn your wounds into wings and to ensure that you live your best life. I met the Angels and came back to share the messages of God, the Angels, love and peace.  I was saved by God and Angels sent from heaven and inside of this I was given ancient wisdom to apply to modern times.

When things get difficult in life or you simply need to uplift yourself, reach for your book and ask God what He wants you to know and open your book to a page and gain some insight and inspiration into what God wants you to know.

You are born to be great and you are meant to be shining in your life.  No matter how difficult things may seem or how hard life gets, you are not alone and God and the Angels are with you giving you wings to rise up and to soar in the world.  You are being provided for in the spiritual sense and practical sense while you are an amazing daughter of God who is destined to be able to turn your wounds into wings.

Anna Maria