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I am an advocate for women’s rights, author and an entrepreneur who is passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of women.

My work is multi-faceted and includes various projects and I aim to inspire you through my work which is aimed toward women because that is what I am called in this life to do. I am a Founder, Chair, Author, Entrepreneur and leader. My aspiration is to cause you to value life and find your true calling and live it and, in this day and age, often knowing your rights as a woman is what it takes to be able to live that calling and be inspired in life to succeed.

Through my projects there is something for everyone from health and body image, being a single independent woman, being a woman who is about human rights, spirituality or women who are simply wanting to empower themselves in some way.  Writing is my hobby and greatest passion while all of my projects require me to be a writer, helping you is my greatest mission to ensure you find what you are here to do and to discover your life’s mission, you can find it now regardless of where you are at.

I am a visionary at heart and want to share with the world what I know to be my calling and the way forward for humanity. Through my work, you will find yourself and you will know what you are meant to be doing in this life and you will be safe to do so in this world because women need to feel safe to succeed.  I advocate for you and I seek to ensure you are able to rise up in your life regardless of what you have endured, and your voice is heard as I am a voice for women and their rights.  I want to see you succeed in your health, relationships and career to be able to live your best life and make way for a powerful and rewarding future.

Take life on and make sure you aim to succeed in whatever your true core values are.  Know what you are here to do and what you stand for while taking action toward a better world for you and all women.  When you help women, men and their children are directly impacted so ensure you live life for the gift it is in a way that has you know how truly and innately powerful you are.  You are a blessed woman who deserves to rise up into your core values without obstruction to be the shining light of an example for the world to see.

“Give your life purpose from the visions and voice of God. Follow your path with grace and power, focusing on what you know are the right steps for you”

– Anna Maria Lang

My Projects

Projects Driven by Passion,
Nurtured with Vision

Battle Babes Fitness®

This is your one stop shop for all of your body diversity, weight, body image and fitness information.  Battle Babes Fitness magazine is designed to inspire you to lose weight off your mind and your body and live your best life.

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Abundant Babes®

For all the single women out there who are independent, be prepared to be inspired to balance your life, attract your soul mate and live you true destiny. Abundant Babes is designed to enlighten you to a way of life that is about love and abundance in ways you always dreamed of.

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Women Veterans United™

This is my passion project for which is a welfare, advocacy and case management organisation designed to assist women veterans who face adversity.  This project is making a difference in the lives of women who served their country and as a veteran I am committed to inspiring change in this area.

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Global Empowering Women Organisation®

Human rights and particularly women’s rights are important to me.  This project is my long term vision for women in the world and a way I can give back to those who are most in need.  Women make up approximately half of the population and it is time for this demographic to rise up and live their true values and way of life.

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