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Here are the books I have written

Reach for your some inspiration through my writing.

Battle Babes Fitness

The situation report is showing that women are in need of more inspiration in their day. They are seeking to find the right battle plans to be able to manage the war on weight, body image and fitness.

Abundant Babes

How would you like to be empowered in love and life? Are you a career woman who is looking for your soul mate?  Maybe you are single and you want to find ways to love and be more abundant?

Life Beyond War

When you have suffered trauma, it can be very easy to become fragmented and lose who you are. Sometimes women veterans lose their individual identity and instead label themselves as victims of their experiences.


For Your Spiritual Journey

These books are all unique quotes and passages inspired by my spiritual journey.

The Virtuous Woman

How would you like to be a good wife and mother who is kind and giving to humanity? What if you could be the type of woman who is good to yourself and others?

Following the Way of Love

Do you need some inspiration in your day? Are you finding you want to be more connected to God, your destiny and bring more love into your life?

Clothed with Strength & Dignity

Do you wish you could attract your soul mate? Are you wanting to find the one that God wants for you and to find your happily ever after?

True Health

Do you want to manifest more health into your life? Are you wanting to feel the sense of vitality you know you deserve?

True Wealth

Are you wanting to live in a state of prosperity and abundance? Do you want to do more with less effort when it comes to manifesting wealth?

Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

Are you a woman who has served in the military or the police? Are you seeking to find a sense of peace and joy in your life?

The Angel Army

Do you believe in Angels? What if you knew you were never alone because they are guiding you in a way that is beautiful and profound, with God’s help?

My Gratitude Journal

Inside of this journal you will find pages that are designed to inspire and uplift your day by writing your daily gratitude to God for that which you want to manifest into your life.


How would you like to live with more faith.  What if you could have so much faith all your inner visions come true from that place?

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