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This project is one for which I created to inspire women to learn to love life regardless of their relationship status.  It is empowering single women in love and life through my book and the Abundant Babes Magazine.  I believe it is important to attract into your life your soul mate who accepts and adores you regardless of your past, what you look like and what you do.

Through this project, you will find your true soul’s calling in life and be an Abundant Babe who looks after yourself while managing your career, business, lifestyle and spirituality.  Through my writing you will be uplifted by the way in which I just adore this project as an aspect of the journey of life.

You will learn about love and life and how to be abundant with your approach to these very important aspects of who you are.  This is a way of life that inspires you to be the best you can be and a feminine approach to being a powerful woman.

My aim is for you to be enlightened by my writing and to feel like you are never alone in life.  It is to help you to feel more connected to your divine calling and make space in your life in an abundant way for all the things you know you are meant for and deserve.

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