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This is a passion project where I spent many years writing and documenting the weight loss process and the journey of body diversity to win the war on weight, body image and fitness.

This project is very dear to my heart because it was born out of my own adversity and challenges for which caused me to be called to provide you with insights and inspiration through Battle Babes Fitness Magazine.  I also do one on one coaching at present to provide additional assistance to those who are in need. I take on a limited number of women, and work to the philosophy that loving your body now is far more important than the way you look.

This is a project that is designed to innovate the fitness industry to cause more body diversity.  Fitness and health can be at any size and this is for those who are at a point in their lives where they want to embrace themselves in entirety while losing weight for health purposes over looks.

I advocate for weight loss only if you want and need to, for body image to be something that is imperative all woman seek to find peace over and fitness in things that bring you joy.  This is something that I believe is necessary in the world of today because lives are being lost over weight, body image and fitness concerns.  Be prepared to transform from the inside out and find your true sense of self as it is every person’s right to be free and accepted for their body shape and size.

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