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This project is empowering women globally and my current focus for this initiative is to advocate to ensure innovation, leadership and education for women in the areas their values depict.  The rights of women and rising up in their chosen path is imperative in a time where the women’s empowerment movements are making change.

The GEWO is an integral part of the empowering women movement due to the innovative approach to the way women are treated and the challenges they face.  While I am focused on assisting women out of oppression, poverty and homelessness as the resources increase with this project so will the scope over time.

This project is dear to my heart and came to me as the over arching and very long term focus of my life to inspire change and stop what happens to women happening in the developed world with an outreach to the developing nations also. This project is to change the way women are treated as a minority as they are a essentially a majority group in the world and to ensure all are held to account for the way women are treated globally and for sustainable change.

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