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This project is dear to my heart because of my own experience as a woman veteran.  As a result of my service and education, I look through the lenses of what I can do for women veterans.  I believe we all have a social and moral obligation to look after those in need and many women veterans are in need of help.

This is a project for which I founded and lead.  This project also includes men on our Board of Directors as we are the change we want to see in the veteran community.  I am inspired to lead this project because the way to make change and to advocate for the rights of women veterans is through a ground up approach that has all women veterans know they have somewhere safe and confidential to go for help.

As a welfare, advocacy and mentoring organisation, I am proud to say that we are leading and paving the way in a community that includes many women and we know and have faith that there is change being made for the good of all veterans.

This project is to innovate, educate and lead in a way that causes Australia to be ahead in the way women veterans are treated and assisted.  With a changing demographic must come change.

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